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SMI Capabilities

CNC Lathe CK6140

High precision prototype or production parts development with CNC lathe capabilities for programmed reproductions.


We can define ANY shape that represents the stock material; we can then machine only the material between the stock and the finished profile. These are very powerful functions, from CAD software translated by the post processor into tool path instructions to the CNC lathe.

This 2014 year, SMI decided best to reverted back to operating as an independent corporation after two years of considerable limitations and disruptions. The SMI Board of Directors has cleared the way for its leading SEG R&D program to proceed without any further hindrance from its past problematic external arrangements. This is now evident by the ramping up on progress, acquisition of new heavy equipment and supplies along with a growing list of opportunities that is making this year, already significantly better then in the past two years.


Searl Magnetics is currently in the active stage of bringing the research results into the marketplace.

Now with office HQ and a laboratory, on going research is able to produce these magnetic impressions that

is proving out the merits of Searl Technology.

Searl magnetics is of course open to joint ventures that can speed up the our progress in R&D to ultimately mass produce and provide special magnetization services.

SEG's can be designed for almost any requirement and will revolutionize the move to eliminate air pollution, solve our looming energy crisis, and support unprecedented economic growth in a new industry based on ambient energy conversion with quantum coherence technology.

The SEG technology can has all the hallmark of an ideal energy solution and SMI is the cutting edge in its development.


General Business Plan Overview

Company Business- Authorized rights by the Inventor himself, Prof. John Searl to research and development, manage, negotiate formal agreements regarding the Searl Effect Technology (SET) which is based on the Searl Effect Generator (SEG). Subsequently, develop electrical generators with designs capacities ranging from 15 Kilowatts and up to but not limited to a 1 Megawatt capacity for our licensed manufacturers. However, SMI will primarily gain revenue by providing the unique magnetization services of the SEG components for our licensed manufacturers exclusively. This is applicable for all ground based power plants of any size, but NOT including aerospace SET manufacturing, for it is reserved exclusively to the Searl Aerospace Corporation.

Technical Advantage- A revolutionary concept in generator design that is non-polluting and environmentally safe to operate. A system that utilizes a quantum effect between layered materials that converts natural ambient sources of energy such as temperature gradients and solar radiation present in the air into useful electrical currents with moving parts designed to operate on a magnetic bearing for a lifetime of continuous service.

Market Prospective- The World market is now in dire need of clean economical electrical power and this situation is expected to increase with economic and population growths.

Company Opportunities-  Offering the market solution to generating pollution free electrical energy that can ranging from powering homes to civic grids.

Advantages in Competition- There are no competitors on the market with this particular technology and no other company has the personal with the technical expertise nor the magnetizing capacity to reproduce it.  The system is protect by a sophisticated magnetization process that imprints patterns on permanent magnetic layers that can not be reversed engineered. The cylindrically shaped layered construction, energy output, reliability and continuous operation gives it a distinct advantage over the competition in the field of energy production at both small and large scales.

Profitability Forecast- From those that know it best, this technology is expected to be the dominant means of energy production of the future.  The profitability forecast is vast, as much as the energy market itself and growth is only limited by the rate at which these generators can be produced and implemented. Factored in are the profits in savings considering that never is gas, oil, or hazardous nuclear materials utilized or consumed to generate electrical power with this technology.

Use of Proceeds- revenues will be focused on allocating expanding manufacturing capabilities and developing increasingly larger generators and subsequently, build additional facilities for manufacturing in many countries to meet the power requirements for any given region.

Basic Information- The SEG consists of 3 large ring type stators that are specially magnetized with patterns designed to generate continual motion of similarly magnetized cylindrical rotors.  The rotors are free to rotate around the stator rings with mutually interactive eddy currents of induction that forms a frictionless magnetic bearings between moving parts.  In the process, electrons pair up as bosons, accelerate to form electrical currents and thus are harnessed for their kinetic energy before they emitted out to the air again. This makes for an open energy cycle that extracts energy out the environment  and consequently cools down the ambient air only for its inherent energy. It is a system that converts random energy at the quantum level into a coherent flow of electron currents. It is ideally suited for the World’s demand for green energy that is as benign to the biosphere as a solar cell or a even hydroelectric dam.

Industrial Background Analysis- There is a general consensus that the World’s energy demand can no longer be sustained by the decreasing oil reserves which is increasing cost of fossil fuels. Also, the widespread concern about resource depletion and environmental degradation are common to all other means of generating electrical energy which have sorted limitations and hazards that prevent each of them from gaining a larger share of the energy market.

Product and Technical Strengths- The SEG is a design to deliver electrical energy on demand and to response instantly to changing load conditions systematically.  It is a frictionless and noiseless generator that never wears against its moving parts. This is a matter that adds value to the product and enables it to operate uninterrupted indefinitely.  A design that can be engineered for 15Kilowatt of electrical output at minimum and can be scaled up in size to meet larger requirements or can be operated in tandem for those greater capacities. The SET is a green energy alternative and a system  that will not create pollution nor contribute to Global warming at anytime.

Market Analysis and Orientation- SET applies to a broad category of fields within energy and transportation markets, such decentralized power for residential homes, power of electrical cars, portable generators, etc.  The company's business orientation at this time will focus in supplying power with 1 megawatt generators. Future consideration will be given to the broader market opportunities after the first business objective has been achieved.

Development and Operation Strategies- First phase is the current one, involves the R&D of the inner most set of Stator ring and Rollers as the proof of concept, which will lead towards the full development of a 15kW SEG prototype.

Searl Magnetics, Inc. is a C corporation of members and personal with long term objectives for a clean alternative solution beyond the conventional paradigm. It is possible to support our business venture towards production and into the broad energy markets.

Searl Magnetics, Inc. is the company tasked and authorized in the redevelopment of the Searl Effect Technology. It is now an active facility with a commercial office space and research laboratories in the USA.


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