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Searl Magnetics or SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SMI) is tasked with developing a unique magnetization process of impressing waveforms on permanent magnetic materials. Years of research have confirmed that a new process of impressing multi-poled patterns is achievable and repeatable.

The magnetic technology is derived from the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) concept and other functional confirmations of it will be examined as well its applications toward the next generation of clean generator and motor technologies.

This is the business site and its core operation is research and redevelopment into the unusual magnetic techniques of the SEG technology for electrical motor and generator applications that can utilize multi-poles magnetics patterns; subsequently, SMI will proceed towards production and all marketing opportunities.

The SEG will open up a new branch of science and engineering based on quantum coherence at the atomic level where energy is of the highest quality and potential, which allows for clean and efficient energy conversion.

Present day conventional energy production is wasteful and relatively inefficient because it still operates in a random state at the quantum (sub-atomic) level resulting in energy wasting by heating and poor efficiencies, which simply translates into higher consumer energy bills.

We welcome you to consider, a new era of opportunity with SEG technology, as a clean renewable energy idea. After years of investigation into the technical aspects of the SEG, from theory of operation to hardware proof-of-concept demonstrations, results have been positive and are the basis of the formation of SMI.

The SEG device is a brilliant innovative design, that is based on linear induction motor technology on a circular track, riding on a magnetic bearing, able to convert random ambient (primarily the heat spectrum) and other bands of ever-present radiant energy into a useful uniform or coherent electrical power.

The working principle is the same as the energy cycle of a hydroelectric power plant with respect to harnessing water as part of an open system; instead however, the SEG performs at the quantum level with electrons, where the reservoir of electrons is supplied by the rare earth metal, Neodymium. The SEG takes advantage of the electron's ability to absorb and emit kinetic energy, to harness outside energy in a system that recycles those electrons for their inherent energy.

The SEG is a revolutionary open system design, working in complete accordance with the laws of thermodynamics, by ways and means not yet researched to be understood by mainstream academia nor by the energy industry, except for SMI.

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The name "Searl Effect Generator” or the modern solid state "Special Effect Generator" (SEG) may be misleading for some people in that they think the device "creates" energy. There are technicalities and semantics at play here. The device generates electromagnetic forces which collection, compression and CONVERSION of ambient heat or spectral energy that present everywhere into usable electricity. It does not create energy; rather, it reduces entropy, coherently channeling the energy, already present and surrounding the system, that would normally remain in a chaotic state.

Research has confirmed the merits of the SEG concept at every level of our own technical abilities and limited resources. Still the results have been extremely encouraging, establishing in many ways that are beyond mere technical coincidences:

  • waveforms can be impressed on magnetic material in new ways;
  • magnetic bearing has been made self-evident;
  • proven spin and orbital rotation of the rollers around the ring plate does happen;
  • the electrical principles of motor and generator are indeed inherent in the SEG design;.
  • orthogonal field vectors are all valid and thus the SEG conforms to electrical motor and generator principles in design;

John Searl, the inventor of the concept during the 1950s, he foresaw increasing pollution with decreasing atmospheric oxygen as far back as 1968, and that these would cause environmental changes for which there had to be a solution. The SEG technology provides an ideal solution to such problems.

The SEG is a green and clean renewable approach towards energy production that can support the grid in many ways. As a stand-alone power source, the SEG can provide electrical AC power to supplement the growing demand for energy with dedicated SEG power plants. SEG would function well in remote areas with limited or no access to resources. It is scalable from a small portable unit to a very large generator, capable of meeting any requirement, as a large single unit or a battery of smaller units functioning in concert. It may be utilized to support local power substations, effectively bypassing much of the overextended power lines associated with loss of energy. This would effectively reduce the burden on the current electrical grid, by supporting it where it is most needed.

The SEG conforms to industry production standards of electricity, as in any normal power generator, utilizing the concept of stator
and rotor relationships; however the SEG does this with sets of Ring Plates and Rollers. The only difference is the SEG uses the abundant electrons in the rare earth material to kick start the system. It maintains continuous output, regardless of weather conditions, and self-adjusts to the variations in demand for electrical output.

The major by-product of the SEG is a localized cooling effect, which could be further utilized for air conditioning or refrigeration purposes. The design of the SEG is ideal for mass production, with attributes that are clean, healthy, safe and sustainable for the cost effective production of electricity, with low maintenance costs.

SMI is a legal corporate entity set up to research and develop the unique magnetization process and generator design known as the SEG technology.

Our current objective is to develop a 15 Kilowatt stand-alone electrical generator. Preliminary research has been very encouraging and is the basis for this venture.

Based on past experiences, developing a fully operational SEG will require at least $3 million of capital funding, providing for:
• skilled and experienced personnel
• buildings and rent for the facilities
• heavy machinery
• test equipment
• energy to run the equipment
• legal support services
• raw materials and shipping
• licensing

However, even without the desired funding, we have made great progress on a program of achievable milestones and we will continue to develop the technology, although at a reduced pace.

SMI. will carry out the most immediate task at hand, to develop the first of the three stages of a 15 kW version of the SEG, and Hollywood will be filming to document our progress.

Ultimately this venture will demonstrate how the SEG converts ambient energy into useful electrical currents that drive the rotors or rollers into motion. The first demo will be a stator with 12 rollers through which at least 500 watts demonstrable output is expected.

We will consider the option to equip an electrical vehicle with an SEG to raise awareness of the technology as a traveling exhibition that goes without ever stopping to refuel or recharge. This should surely attract the attention of mainstream media networks and demonstrate to the public, by the millions, what has been suppressed or long delayed by greed and/or status quo, thus translated into lack of awareness and support.

We are sincerely confident that the SEG is the right approach to meeting the growing present and future market demands for clean economical electrical energy for home and industry.



Best Regards,

Fernando Morris,

CEO / SEG Project Mgr


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