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The background behind the research.

Project Development Manager, Fernando D. Morris has been working for years primarily with two main goals in mind:

1) To examine, understand, research, and confirm with demonstrable hardware that isolates each aspect of the concept's many facets, thereby supporting and warranting further technical investigation of the SEG concept.

2) To ultimately bring the results of that research, with the specialized magnetics process, into production for clean energy markets which can utilize such multi-poled magnetic field motors and generators. Steadfast determination into SEG R&D (not previously fully investigated by any other company) has provided a clearer understanding that involves both science and engineering suitable for mass production. However, a unique and complex magnetization
process is also involved.

After over 20 years assisting Prof. John Searl personally and professionally, Fernando Morris founded SMI laboratory research center. This business venture is focused at investigating and researching the SEG concept into reality based demonstrable science, physics and engineering principles.

For more background information and updates, go to the Searl Solution web site at: and the Supreme Master TV Video presentation: "Golden Age Technology presents some history of the Searl Effect Generator"


The San Diego Free Press interviews SMI, President - Fernando Morris and Researcher and Press Officer - Jason Verbelli about the development of the SEG concept in San Diego, CA. YouTube link:Searl Magnetics Interviewed by San Diego Free Press.


           Click on the image or here for the Searl Magnetics SEG Project video presentation.


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The outlook has never looked better for the Searl Team. The SEG Global Technology Society (SGT) organized to help unite the Searl Team’s growing number of members with worldwide interest.


The SEG and the Dam Analogy

• Water in its usable form flows through the Hydroelectric Dam = Electrons in the Neodymium in their usable form flow through the dielectric layer (Electron Dam or Regulator).
• As the water is allowed to flow through the motor-generator, it starts to produce electricity = As the electrons are allowed to flow, the SEG motor-generator starts to produce electricity with external C-shaped electromagnets.
• The water behind the dam is understood = The electron behind the SEG dam should be understood likewise.
• That the dam holds back water in H2O currents is understood = That the SEG dam holds back electrons within the Neodymium in electrical currents should be understood likewise.
• As the hydroelectric motor is regulated with flow of water, more water, more power is understood = As the SEG motor regulates the flow of electrons, more electrons, more power can be understood just as well.
• In both cases the flow of the medium turns the motor generator.
• In both cases the motor generator produces electricity.
• In both cases we can see that hydroelectric power and SEG power are very similar.
• The primary difference is the medium used to turn the motor/ generator system.


This diagram illustrates the SEG's energy cycle as an open system of energy conversion. Whereas the dam harnesses kinetic energy with a liquid media, the SEG harnesses kinetic energy within the Neodymium metal reservoir with an electron media. However, both systems complete their energy
cycles via the atmosphere and thus harness unlimited ambient energy as open systems.


This animation illustrates the pathways of electric charges in and out of the SEG.
The electron capture effect of the Neodymium layer with its positive charge attracts electrons from the surrounding atmosphere. These charges are kinetically energized at the level of the ambient temperature outside the SEG. Once these charges enter the SEG layers they are paired and directed radially towards the rollers. These laser-like beams of electron pairs, or boson, move through the rollers, a dynamic which in turn drives the rollers to orbit around the ring stators. This process strips kinetic energy from the electrons before they exit the SEG. In principle, it is the same as a hydroelectric dam, yet energy is harnessed into mechanical motion by the passing of the flow currents. Like water in and out of the dam, the electrons move in and out of the SEG; both systems take advantage of the energy involved, the currents being a part of the respective open energy cycles. Both systems tap into sustainable energy sources from the outside environment cleanly and effectively. However, the Searl Effect Generator operates at the quantum level, making it far more effective and not dependent on location nor weather conditions.

The standard means for tapping electrical power from the SEG incorporates up to 32 conventional electromagnetic pickup wired C-cores. The magnetic induction of power is due to the relative motion between the fixed cores and the rollers in orbital spin around the fixed stator rings.

The latest Proof-Of-Concept Demo of 2016, where the electromotive forces are isolated with the conductive wire loop demonstrating orbit motion of the rollers, is now self evident with the video of this image at :



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